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      Only a tenth of a percent of pearls made available for sale are good enough to make it into our Chloe Collection. The Chloe Collection represents the best of the best. Available in 16" or 18" in length, these lustrous, round 7.5-8mm pearls are truly amazing and come with your choice of 14k solid gold clasp. The pearls are very round, have amazing luster and nearly perfectly clean surfaces.  These are some of the best pearls available in the world, but please act quickly, these pearls are very rare and our experts go through thousands of the top quality pearls strands to be able to find a handful of strands good enough to sell as part of The Chloe Collection.

      At Avalon Pearls, we use our extensive experience for one main goal; to supply the highest quality pearl jewelry directly from pearl farms all over the world directly to our customers at the best possible prices. Our staff has decades of experience in pearl sourcing and jewelry assembly. Avalon Pearl has a dedicated team of GIA trained pearl professionals proficient in several languages that go directly to the pearl farms to source only the best, highest luster, best shaped pearls available in the world. Less than 3% of all pearls harvested are good enough to be used by Avalon Pearls. Our Chloe Collection uses the finest pearls available and less than a tenth of a percent of all pearls farmed meet our requirements for luster, shape and surface quality to be part of our Chloe Collection, named for the character in the Pearl of Avalon and one of our founderÛªs daughter.

      Customer satisfaction is our biggest priority, we have been in the jewelry business for a long time and seen lots of our competitors cut corners, by using cheaper components or trying to misrepresent themselves with false labels. You can be assured you will be thrilled with your purchase through Avalon Pearls and it will be exactly as described (if not better) If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, we have a no questions asked return policy for 60 days.