What’s EXORTI?

Exorti.com is an online portal providing consumers a space to research and purchase jewelry they love from their favorite store. If you’re a seller, you can use our unique space to set up your own online jewelry store. We will take you to the world and help sell your products.

What will you get as a “Seller”?

EXORTI will take your business to the world. Through a carefully designed marketing campaign and a trendy online space, we will find the perfect buyer for your jewelry.

I’m a “Seller”; how can I get started?

All you need to be is a business with a good standing and be duly incorporated. You will also need to have a PayPal account to collect your money. Once your application to register is accepted, you can start by uploading pictures of your jewelry to the free online space allocated to you by EXORTI.

How will customers pay me?

EXORTI likes to keep it simple. Customers will directly pay into your PayPal account.

How will I ship the jewelry to customers?

Orders will be received by you via email and will also appear in your online order book at EXORTI. You will ship the orders directly to customers.

How will EXORTI support?

EXORTI will provide technical support in setting up your online store. Email us for any technical support or further information about EXORTI’s services.

Product Image Requirements

Product images submitted to Exorti must meet the following technical specifications.
• TIFF (.tif/.tiff), JPEG (.jpeg/.jpg), GIF (.gif) and PNG (.png) format
• Image pixel dimensions of at least 1000 x 1000 or larger in height and width preferred
• sRGB or CMYK color mode
• File names must consist of the product identifier (Exorti Item number, 13-digit ISBN, EAN, JAN, or UPC) followed by a period and the appropriate file extension (Example: B000123456.jpg or 0237425673485.tif) Note: Spaces, dashes or additional characters in the filename will prevent your image from going online.

Exorti Site Standards for Product Images

For images named by product identifier without a variant code or named with the MAIN variant, and display as the main image on the product detail page, Exorti maintains the following site product image standards:

Item photographs for Main image or featured Image
• Images size should be 1000x1000 pixels or larger
• No pictures on props, within jewelry boxes will not be allowed for the main image or featured image
• Picture back ground should be shaded or one color.
• Drawings or illustrations of the product are not allowed.
• The image must not contain gratuitous or confusing additional objects.
• The image must be in focus, professionally lit and photographed or scanned, with realistic color.
• All other products should fill 85% or more of the image frame.
• The full product must be in frame.
• The image must not contain additional text, graphics, or inset images.
• Pornographic and offensive materials are not allowed.
• The image must be the cover art or a professional photograph of the product being sold.

For additional other view images:
• The image must be of, or pertain to, the product being sold.
• The image must be in focus, professionally lit and photographed or scanned, with realistic color, and smooth edges.
• Other products or objects are allowed to help demonstrate the use or scale of product.
• The product and props should fill 85% or more of the image frame.
• Cropped or close-up images are allowed.
• Backgrounds and environments are allowed.
• Text and demonstrative graphics are allowed.
• Pornographic and offensive materials are not allowed.
Exorti.com retains the right to review and edit any image to satisfy the appearance and requirements of the website as well to remove any image at its desecration.

Image/Photo Copy Rights

All images used and uploaded to exorti.com should be authentic to the product sold as mentioned and the pictures should be

How to Setup Your Store

Please Click here to view Store Setup Manual