Ruby - Birth stone for July

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Ruby - Birth stone for July

Ruby, the birth stone for July is one of the most valuable and desired gem stone of all times. It is called as the "king of precious gems" which is believed to bring love and success. It is the birth stone for July as well as gifted on the 15th or 40th wedding anniversary (check for gift ideas – Ruby jewelry collection) .

The name itself is derived from "Ruber" which the Latin word for "Red" represents love, emotions, passion and courage. A ruby with the color of deep red and hint of purple which is called Pigeon's blood is considered to be the finest and most valued, found in Mongok valley mines in Burma (Myanmar) called "Burmese Rubies". The color, "Pigeons' blood" is associated with the color of a white pigeons' "Eyes" rather than the color of a pigeon's blood. Also, the rubies found in Mozambique are often compared with the fine rubies found in Myanmar.

The Luc Yen region in Northern Vietnam has been another source for Rubies. Rubies mined in Vietnam consist of a purplish red color. The border between Thailand and Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kenya, Madagascar and Tanzania are some of the major sources of Rubies.

Ruby is one of the most highly prized of gemstones, where larger rubies are rare to find than sapphires, diamonds or emeralds. Therefore, the value of a ruby increases with the size more than any other precious gemstone, as well as its geographic origin. The 4 C's: Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat weight has a major impact on the value of the ruby.

Due to its rarity there is only very few famous large rubies. In the books of travels of Marco Polo which is written in the 13th century there is tale of a magnificent gemstone which is 9 inches long believed to be a ruby belonging to the King of Ceylon (Sri Lanka).

Once the name Ruby was used to describe all the red stones. The famous Timur ruby which was given to Queen Victoria in 1853 was believed to be a Ruby for many years but later it was found out to be a polished red Spinal.

Famous Rubies

A 23.1 carat Burmese ruby set in a platinum ring with diamonds is on display at The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington D.C. , which was donated by a businessman and a philanthropist named Peter Buck

The Sunrise Ruby, which is the world's most expensive ruby was sold in an auction in Switzerland in 2015 to an anonymous buyer for US$30 Million. 

The Liberty Bell Ruby which is the largest mined ruby in the world which was found in East Africa was stolen in a heist in 2011. 

Some of the Famous Ruby jewelry by its owners

Elizabeth Taylors jewelry collection

The necklace designed by Cartier was auctioned at Christies for $115,932.000 in 2011 making it the most valuable jewelry auction in history. 

Designed by Van Cleef and Arpels, a gift from her husband Richard Burton, the oval pigeon blood Burmese Ruby weighs 8.24 carats. It was auctioned for over $4 million. 

Victoria Beckham – Seing wearing a beautiful Ruby ring gifted by her husband David Beckham. 

Queen Elizabeth II's Ruby Necklace

Boucher on a Ruby Belle Époque necklace. It is designed in the Edwardian style with dense settings in a floral pattern.

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