Exorti.com is the only online marketplace dedicated exclusively for Gems & Jewelry. The online portal helps the customers to research & purchase jewelry from their trusted jewelry merchants from all around the world. It provides jewelry merchants a unique space to set up their own online store, opening doors to a global window reaching out to millions of customers worldwide.

Exorti.com is owned and operated by Exorti.inc, a New York domestic business corporation.

I hail from a family of Gems and Jewelry dealers who has been in the jewelry trade for the Last 45 years who had local as well as International dealings. My father Sombhunath Parua who has been a Gem dealer from India, came to Sri Lanka in the 1970s looking for the treasures of Ceylon where he met my mother Visaka and together they continued to collect precious & semi-precious gems. For the past four decades they have been running a very conservative business, which I believe it’s a something that many Gem merchants can relate to.

I happened to be exposed to the Gem and Jewelry business at a very young age and got the opportunity to learn the basics of the industry from my home.

I earned my Bachelor’s in Information Technology from The Charles Sturt University New South Wales, Australia (Sep 2007) and earned a second Degree from the State University of New York (May 2009).

While I was completing my studies in New York, I used to visit some of our Jeweler friends at 47th Street West in New York and I was fascinated to see how a very conservative trade such as jewelry and gems is slowly moving towards “online business”. I could see how people’s thinking and marketing patterns have changed overtime. I always felt it could be done better with an uncluttered unique IT platform created exclusively for jewelry and gems with modern innovations.

I partnered with a childhood friend of mine who is a very established professional in the banking industry and his wife who is a paralegal in a leading law firm in New York and of course my wife who has been with me throughout to make my dream a reality. We incorporated “Exorti Inc” in 2017 in state of New York. This great city always inspired me to do better and kept me going each time I wanted to give up. Since then, the team of four, have been working tirelessly to make Exorti a reality.

Today we have an online platform with a fully functional front end and a backend enabling the jewelry merchants to create their own store to list their items and the buyers to browse and shop their favorite items.

At Exorti we believe in team work, having Comodo, the best in cyber security covering our system and communications, our finances are in great hands with PayPal, who’s legendary seller protection has been extended to all our sellers.

As any startup, we have challengers and obstacles and our road to success lies beyond these. Exorti is ever evolving platform changing ahead of time to meet the expectation and challenges of the industry it serves.

We know all of you who are reading this knows these challengers and have over-come them with hardship and determination to succeed, we request not to help us but to walk with us and to partner with us in this journey to make it a success.

Eranjan Venura Parua

Hope you will enjoy the EXORTI experience.