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We come from a family of jewelers and gem dealers that have been in business for the past 50 years, we never imagined a day where jewelry would be sold online. Nonetheless, we are here and it’s time to change.

We at EXORTI believe in bringing the trust and unmatched customer service that many of our merchants provide to their valued customers, to our new and exclusive online jewelry marketplace

I personally come from a family who has been in the gems & jewelry business for the past 45 years. My father Sombhunath Parua who has been a Gem dealer from India, came to Sri Lanka in the 1970s looking for the treasures of Ceylon where he met my mother Visaka and together they continued to collect precious & semi-precious gems. For the past four decades they have been running a very conservative business, which I believe it’s a something that many Gem merchants can relate to.

For me the industry, was never an interest at the time. I pursued my studies in information technology and the automobile industry. After graduating with my bachelor in information technology at Charles Sturt University NSW Australia, I moved to the US to pursue my studies in the automobile industry at SUNY upstate NY, which was my passion.

After my studies in the US in return to Sri Lanka to get married to my longtime girlfriend who I was dating since 2005, after our wedding we returned to New York, as a young couple we had our own adventures to continue and I could not imagine any other place but New York City.

In October 2014 my schoolmate who was junior to me in school, arrived in New York with his wife, One’s a young kid has turned out to be a very established professional in the banking industry within the years after I last saw him in 2001.

My Father who kept pressing me to learn and take on his business, which never interest me. I did walk around 47th street with few semi-precious stones he gave me trying to find out if one would be interested, but which I gave up with time as I could not find anyone interested in the stones I had.

I continued to do minor jobs to make ends meet. But I refuse to settle for a permanent well-paid job as i was always thinking of starting my own business. I always used to look at the empire state building and think what do I need to do to make it big, to live the American dream. This great city always inspired me to do better and kept me going each time I wanted to give up.

I always believed in God and always believed he has a plan for all of us. One day I landed with a part time job at one of the jewelry merchants on the 47th street. That was like an eye opener for me. I could see how people’s thinking and marketing patterns have changed overtime. I always thought people will be reluctant to buy valuable merchandise like jewelry online. But I was wrong. And I was very lucky to learn all I needed from the very best in the industry.

With all this and my father’s pressure, I listed few of his items on eBay, while listing it was obvious that none of the market places presented a unique stage for Gems and Jewelry, this is when the idea of market place for gems and Jewelry came in to my mind, I can still recall that day I woke up my wife in the middle of the night and told her this is what I am going to do, A market place for Gems and jewelry. My wife who turned down many of my brilliant ideas (which I thought was brilliant) was listening to my idea patiently and I guess she took a moment to do her thinking and said, “yes this will work”.

We presented this to our friends, and no sooner we had them aboard. The team of four, since November 2014 have been working tirelessly to make Exorti a reality.

With all this happening we had the most wonderful news to share. Me and my wife were expecting our first baby. Making the excitement double our friends were expecting their first baby too. Hana and Ria was born in 2016 giving our lives a new purpose and making our lives happier, merrier and busier than ever. As we watch Hana and Ria growing up to be two beautiful young girls our hope is to make Exorti shine and bright in the jewelry industry the same way.

As any startup, we have challengers and obstacles, our road to success lies beyond these. Exorti is ever evolving platform changing ahead of time with to meet the expectation and challenges of the industry it serves.

We know all of you who are reading this knows these challengers and have over-come them with hardship and determination to succeed, we request not to help us but to advice and walk with us and to partner with us in this journey to make it a success, at Exorti we believe in team work, our success lies on your experience advice and patronage.

Eranjan Venura Parua

Hope you will enjoy the EXORTI experience.